The Henley Advantage. It’s about making life easier for you

The moment you enter The Henley Private Aged Care you can feel the difference. Many things have combined to make us the premier nursing home on the Gold Coast, and we continue in our ongoing efforts to improve things even further.

In a recent post, we outlined what we genuinely believe sets The Henley Private Aged Care apart from other aged care facilities on the Gold Coast and beyond. Here we explore the advantages in our approach to you, our Residents.

We work from the inside, out

We start with you, the Resident. By taking the time to understand your wishes and needs we’ve been able to create a facility that matches your requirements. This is what we mean by ‘Choice and Control’.

It’s not just a philosophy; it’s the guiding principle that defines everything we do.

We hear what you say, and we’re continually thinking of ways to make your life more enjoyable and comfortable through self-evaluation and improvement. Often without you even noticing! We understand that you want to make everyday choices about how you live your life because that’s the essence of ‘home’.

However, we work a little differently. By really getting to know you, we can identify all the little things that can make a big difference and by tweaking them, make life more enjoyable for you.

It’s not about you ‘fitting in’. It’s about The Henley Private Aged Care’s ability to tailor things to your needs. This means a more rewarding lifestyle in a place that you’re both familiar and comfortable with.

To be the best, we’ve got the best

Our staff are like family. And we think that they are the very best. All of our staff members, from chefs to carers are of the highest calibre and have received the highest standard of training with us or in previous roles.

In fact, all of the qualified, personal and individual care staff provided and managed by Henley Care receive double the training of the industry standard and can provide a level of care that can’t be beaten.

We think it’s important to be surrounded by people that you know and trust, so you develop a sense of well-being and reassurance.

With our staff, you can be confident that you will always be in good hands and cared for by the very best, seven days a week, day and night.

Flexible financial options

To make life easier for you, The Henley provides a range of flexible payment options. There’s no means testing, like a nursing home and, The Henley Private Aged Care allows you to use your government funded home care package to offset or pay for your care costs.

Not only does this bring the cost of living at The Henley Private Aged Care down to below that of other aged care facilities but you have the benefit on not having to forfeit funds that you’ve accrued – plus there are no exit fees either.

If you’d like to know more about living at The Henley Private Aged Care, or you require more information regarding your own, personal situation, get in touch with us today by giving us a call. We’re only too happy to offer advice.