The Henley Private Aged Care – It’s our approach that sets us apart

The Henley on Broadwater is the Gold Coast’s premier retirement living resort, located in a luxury tower block with stunning views of the Gold Coast, Broadwater and the Ocean. But it’s what’s situated within The Henley on Broadwater that is attracting attention and redefining aged care in Australia.Aged Care as a philosophy, not just a service

The Henley Private Aged Care takes up an entire floor and of its own, and the moment you step out of the lift you know immediately, it’s different. It’s comfortable. No expense has been spared or corners cut in delivering a comfortable environment that immediately feels like a home away from home. There are only 12 suites, each with a self-contained kitchen and seating space for residents to entertain guests and family privately or just enjoy their own company. There’s also a lounge where Residents can mingle and a dedicated dining area where they can chat over a shared meal.

All care at The Henley Private Aged Care follows the guiding principle of ‘Choice and Control’ that means that the Resident always decides how they live their own lives. There’s no set bed or mealtime – life carries on just as it did in their old home, but with the peace-of-mind of know they’re going to be looked after should the need arise.

Familiarity and friendliness, our staff aren’t there just to ‘care’.

All of The Henley Private Aged Care’s individual and personal tailored care is provided and managed exclusively by Luminise Care Solutions, an organisation of experienced nurses regarded as industry leaders in aged care. Luminise manages and runs all care services on site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – as you’d expect.

Luminise Care Solutions firmly believe that highly qualified and skilled care workers are a vital component in delivering high-quality care. That’s why Luminise Care Solutions doubled the industry’s average training budget to ensure staff receive active, ongoing and tailored training options throughout their employment.

But it’s the extra dimension of friendliness that goes a long way to The Henley Private Aged Care being so different. Relationships take on extra meaning as you get older and The Henley’s staff provide more than professional service, they are there as friends and confidants to the Residents too. It’s a seamless approach that makes the Residents feel so much more at home and creates a relaxed, friendly environment to work in – reflected in the fact that the majority of staff have been at The Henley for a long time.

Restaurant quality food, where and when you want it

Eating well leaves you feeling well. It goes without saying, and all of the meals at The Henley Private Aged Care are dietician approved. But that’s where the comparison with other aged care facilities ends.

All meals are prepared by fully trained chefs using only the best local, nutritious ingredients in The Henley’s very own professional level kitchen. Residents not only get a choice of when they eat but where and what. You can eat a-la-carte at The Henley Bistro, have a meal with friends in The Henley Private Aged Care’s own dining room with friends or a quiet snack delivered to you in your suite. All cooked to restaurant standard perfection.

Affordable and accessible

When you look around at the quality on display at The Henley Private Aged Care, it would be natural to assume it’s expensive. But it comes as a pleasant surprise to find out that not only is comparable financially to other aged care facilities it’s often more affordable.

Having the ability to utilise your government funded home care package to pay for, or offset your care costs is a distinct advantage of living at The Henley Private Aged Care over a nursing home. There’s no means testing, you won’t forfeit all of the funds you’ve accrued, and there are no exit fees.

By combining unprecedented levels of comfort, creating a living environment of that’s familiar, reassuring and relaxed, a high level of care that’s affordable for all, The Henley Private Aged Care has made itself the benchmark for aged care in Australia.

If you’d like to know more, get in touch by giving us a call, or visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.