Making the most of your homecare package.

At The Henley Private Aged Care, we’re thrilled that the government has just announced 10,000 extra high-level Home Care packages and is investing $287 million over the next three years. It’s great news.

But what does that mean for you?

Depending on where you live, and who provides your home care services and your individual package, and the nature of those services provided can have a significant effect on your budget.

Spend more, get less?

Usually, home care is charged at 30-minute increments, and that includes travel time, so the greater the distance your provider has to travel, the more of your budget is effectively wasted.

Tasks that have large amounts of dead time attached to them are also wasteful of your budget. Take a routine task such as doing the washing. Clothes are loaded, and the machine turned on. But unless there’s a range of things to be done in the time it takes for the cycle to finish, there’ll be wastage and when you sit down and calculate the lost time over a year, it can be an awful lot!

Making the most out of what you have

At The Henley Private Aged Care, we’ve created an environment that not only provides a new benchmark for comfort and care but is affordable.

Unlike a nursing home, when you come to The Henley Private Aged Care, you won’t forfeit all of your government home care funding, nor will you lose your accrued funds. And it will go further too.

As a resident, our care staff are there on-site, all the time to assist you in whichever ways you need, so there’s no travel time to pay for. And doing the smaller tasks is cheaper too – you won’t be paying for any downtime. Social activities are included as part of your weekly fees, so you won’t need to spend any of your home care package on simply enjoying your life. At The Henley Private Aged Care, high quality of life is a given!

This all begs the question, what to do with all the savings. Well, that’s entirely down to you. You might want to spend it on areas of care that you might require, a device or an aid that makes like a little easier, or you may be happy to carry on accruing funds for a time when they’re of more use. The point is, at The Henley Private Aged Care, you’ll have that option.

It doesn’t stop there though. We not only have one of the highest staff to resident ratios in the industry, but we have a Registered Nurse (RN) available onsite to provide residents with the care they need at all times as well as care staff. Residents who have previously only been visited once a day at home by care staff find that this round-the-clock access to trained medical staff provides peace of mind.

So, if our unique approach to affordability interests you, you want to find out more about our vibrant and comfortable environment or you’re interested in our range of services that includes high-care and palliative, get in touch or watch the videos on our homepage to find out more.